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4 Ways To Boost Your GoPro Experience

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4 Ways To Boost Your GoPro Experience

GoPro cameras are small and versatile and can produce great action videos. For example users can record what they see while doing extreme sports (e.g. riding motorcycles, surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, bungee jumping etc) or any other activity for that matter.

After more and more people began uploading their videos to the internet and seeing entertainers and extreme sport stars use these cameras, GoPro quickly became immensely popular. Here are four easy ways to boost your GoPro experience.

1. Use the different camera settings depending on what you’re recording

There are a mind boggling 150 different ways of taking videos by adjusting the camera settings of a GoPro. Two of the more important setting features users should know are: camera ratio and frame rate.

There are three different camera ratios: 4:3, 16:9, 17:9. The 4:3 ratio was commonly used for old fashioned computer monitors and non-widescreen TV screens. The 16:9 ratio is used for high definition televisions as well as movies. The 17:9 ratio is similarly used to how 16:9 is used.

As for the frame rate, in the settings page, users can control how many frames can be taken in one second of a video. If the number of frames is high, video memory increases, but slow motion effects can be inserted more naturally. When taking videos in dark places, it is better to lower the number of frames because there is more “camera noise”. When using GoPro, use 120 frames when filming in bright places.

On the other hand, use 24 frames while in dark areas. In addition, there is a new function, Auto Low Lights. When turning this feature on, it automatically controls the frame amount.

2.  Use proper GoPro mounts

In order to use GoPro cameras properly, mounts are needed to keep the camera stable but also to be able to record various angles.There are a variety of mounts, but two basic ones are the ones that can be placed on a curved or a flat surface. Mounts can be attached to bike handles and user’s head, wrist, and helmets.

On the other hand, when snowboarding, skiing, and mountain biking, mounts should be placed on the user’s chest. There is a magnitude of mounts out there so be sure to check them all out depending on in which situation you’re going to use your GoPro.

 3. Edit your footage with GoPro Studio

Creating great GoPro footage doesn’t end when you’re done recording. The most painstaking part of creating a great GoPro video might be the editing. Special effects can be added to make the video more exciting.

Adding background music, subtitles, cutting and pasting videos, and etc can be done quickly with GoPro Studio. With this tools you can make the videos look really professional.

4. Share you finished video with ShareON

GoPro users, who take long action packed videos might face inconveniences when they want to share their videos to their friends. For example, there are limitations in messenger applications since they can only send short clips and trying to upload videos on sites like youtube takes a long time. Enter ShareON. With ShareON you can:

  • Store contents on your PC and still see them on your phone.
  • Download ShareON on a PC and on a smartphone in order to view your contents.
  • With ShareON, you can view your large videos whenever and wherever on your phone and be able to share them with your friends.
  • Watch videos, taken with gopro, on your TV with your family.
  • With DLNA, users can sync devices with ShareON.
  • If devices use the same Wifi, contents from a phone/table can be sent to TVs and speakers.
  • Rather than viewing contents always on a phone, start playing them on big screen TVs and speakers.

Share videos that maintain the original quality.

Regardless how long the video is, the quality of videos will not diminish and it will be the same. By sending a ShareON link, a URL link can be sent to a friend to share contents.

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